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Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) Family

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Father: James Roosevelt, Sr., 1828-1900, businessman from a wealthy family; inherited a large fortune
Mother: Sara Ann Delano, 1854-1941, also from a wealthy family, also inherited a large fortune
Half-brother: James "Rosy" Roosevelt, Jr., 1854-1927, his mother was James's first wife, Rebecca Brien Howland

Wife: Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, 1884-1962, also FDR's fifth cousin once removed
Daughter: Anna Roosevelt Halstead, 1906-1975, writer, newspaper/magazine editor, philanthropist
Son: James Roosevelt, 1907-1991, military officer, businessman, and politician
Son: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr., 1909-1909, died in infancy
Son: Elliot Roosevelt, 1910-1990, military officer and author
Son: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr., 1914-1988, military officer and politician
Son: John Aspinwall Roosevelt, 1916-1981, businessman and politician

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