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Franz Kafka Major Works

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Major Works

"The Judgment" (1912)
"The Penal Colony" (1914)
The Metamorphosis (1915)
"Blumfield, An Elderly Bachelor" (1915)
"The Great Wall of China" (1917)
"A Report to an Academy" (1917)
"Jackals and Arabs" (1917)
"A Country Doctor" (1919)
"A Message From the Emperor" (1919)
"An Old Manuscript" (1919)
Letter to His Father (1919)
"The Refusal" (1920)
"Investigations of a Dog" (1922)
"A Little Woman" (1923)
"A Hunger Artist" (1924)
The Trial (1925)
The Castle (1926)
Amerika (1927)

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