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George Washington General Washington & the Revolutionary War

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General Washington & the Revolutionary War

Washington's convictions were soon put to the test. On 16 December 1773, angry Bostonians led by Samuel Adams dumped 45 tons of tea into Boston Harbor, protesting Parliament's Tea Act. The "Boston Tea Party" was only the latest in a string of increasingly tense encounters between Bostonians and the British. Alarmed, and already disposed to be angry, the British Parliament passed a series of punitive measures—the so-called Intolerable or Coercive Acts—and sent a garrison of soldiers to shut down the port of Boston.blank" rel="nofollow">Treaty of Paris was finally signed on 3 September 1783, it merely recognized what had long been clear to the soldiers on the ground: thanks to the single well-timed strike at Yorktown, Washington had won American independence.

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