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George Washington Work Experience

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Work Experience

Surveyor, 1748-1752
Adjutant general, Virginia Militia, 1752-1753
Major, Virginia Militia, 1753-1754
Lieutenant colonel, then colonel, Virginia Militia, 1754
Volunteer aide-de-camp to General Braddock, British Regulars, 1755
Commander in chief, Virginia Regiment, 1755-1758
Representative from Frederick, Virginia House of Burgesses, 1759-1765
Representative from Fairfax, Virginia House of Burgesses, 1765-1774
Delegate from Virginia, First Continental Congress, 1774
Delegate from Virginia, Second Continental Congress, 1775
Commander in chief, Continental army, 1775-1783
Chair, Constitutional Convention, 1787
President of the United States, 1789-1797
Lieutenant general, United States Army, 1798-1799

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