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Herman Melville Family

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Father: Allan Melvill (1782-1832)
Mother: Maria Gansevoort Melville (1791-1872)
Brother: Gansevoort Melville (1815-1846)
Sister: Helen Maria Melville Griggs (1817-1888)
Sister: Augusta Melville (1821-1876)
Brother: Allan Melville (1823-1872)
Sister: Catherine Gansevoort Melville Hoadley (1825-1905)
Sister:Frances Priscilla Melville (1827-1885)
Brother: Thomas Melville (1830-1884)

Wife: Elizabeth Shaw Melville (1822-1906)
Son: Malcolm Melville (1849-1867)
Son: Stanwix Melville (1851-1886)
Daughter: Elizabeth Melville (1853-1908)
Daughter: Frances Melville (1855-1938)

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