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John F. Kennedy Family

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Father: Joseph Kennedy, Sr., 1888-1969, Chairman of SEC, U.S. Ambassador to England
Mother: Rose Kennedy, 1890-1995
Brother: Joseph Kennedy, Jr., 1915-1944, Navy pilot killed in World War II
Sister: Rosemary Kennedy, 1918-2005
Sister: Kathleen Kennedy, 1920-1948, killed in a plane crash
Sister: Eunice Kennedy, 1921-2009, founder of Special Olympics
Sister: Patricia Kennedy, 1924-2006
Brother: Robert Kennedy, 1925-1968, U.S. Attorney General
Sister: Jean Kennedy, 1928-Present
Brother: Edward Kennedy, 1932-2009, U.S. Senator—Massachusetts

Wife: Jacqueline Bouvier, 1929-1994 (married 1953)
Daughter: Caroline Kennedy, 1957-Present, attorney, mother of three children
Son: John F. Kennedy, Jr., 1960-1999, attorney and founder of George magazine; killed in plane crash
Son: Patrick Kennedy, 1963, died in infancy

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