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Lewis Carroll Timeline

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Jan 27, 1832


Charles Lutwidge Dodgson is born in Daresbury, England to first cousins Charles and Frances Lutwidge Dodgson. He is the third of their eleven children.

Dec 19, 2019


Charles attends the Rugby School in Warwickshire, a boys' boarding school.

Jan 24, 1851

College Interrupted

Charles enrolls at Christ Church College at Oxford University. Two days after he starts at Oxford, he receives news that his mother has died of a brain inflammation.

Dec 19, 2019


Dodgson is named a Student of Christ Church. An Oxford Studentship - like a fellowship - awards outstanding scholars an annual stipend to support their studies. Dodgson's Studentship lasts until his death 46 years later.

Dec 19, 2019

Graduates from Oxford

Charles Dodgson graduates from Oxford with First Class Honors in Mathematics and Second Class Honors in Classics. He stays on at Christ Church for graduate studies.

Dec 19, 2019

Henry Liddell Becomes Dean

The Rev. Henry Liddell becomes dean of Christ Church College. The appointment is significant in Carroll's personal and professional life. Liddell makes Carroll a lecturer at Christ Church, and introduces him to his family, including his young daughter Alice.

Dec 19, 2019

Gets Into Photography

Dodgson takes up photography, then a difficult and time-consuming hobby. He devotes much of the next 24 years to mastering the art.

Feb 5, 1857

Master's Degree

Dodgson receives his master's degree from Oxford.

Dec 22, 1861


Dodgson is ordained a deacon in the Church of England. As part of his orders, he takes a vow of celibacy.

Jul 4, 1862

Invents Alice

While on a summer boating trip with Alice Liddell and her sisters, Dodgson makes up a story for the sisters about a little girl named Alice who goes on fantastic adventures.

Dec 19, 1865

Alice Is Published

After presenting Alice Liddell with a handwritten copy of the book she inspired, Dodgson publishes Alice's Adventures in Wonderland under the pen name Lewis Carroll. The book is immediately successful, with Alice stationery and other merchandise appearing soon after its publication.

Dec 19, 1867

Russia Visit

On his only trip abroad, Dodgson travels to Russia. His journal of the voyage is published posthumously as Russian Journal.

Dec 19, 1868

Father Dies

Dodgson's father dies. Dodgson is depressed for several years after his father's death. He purchases a house for his unmarried sisters in Guildford, England.

Dec 19, 1869

Poetry Published

Dodgson publishes a book of trippy poems that appears under two different titles: Phantasmagoria and Rhyme? And Reason?

Dec 19, 1871

New Alice Book

Dodgson, as Carroll, publishes a sequel to Alice's Adventures entitled Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There.

Dec 19, 1876

The Hunting of the Snark

Dodgson, under the name of Carroll, publishes the nonsense poem The Hunting of the Snark. It is considered his last significant piece of nonsense fiction writing.

Dec 19, 1879

Euclid and His Modern Rivals

Dodgson publishes a book arguing for the superiority of the mathematician Euclid. True to Dodgson's style, the book is a blend of solid mathematical theory and a whimsical dialogue between two fictional narrators. It is published under his real name.

Jul 15, 1880

Quits Photography

After taking his last photograph on 15 July, Dodgson quits photography, the hobby he has mastered over 24 years. No one knows why.

Dec 19, 1881

Gives Up Lectureship

Dodgson resigns from his position as a mathematics lecturer at Christ Church. He remains affiliated with the college.

Dec 19, 1882

New Job

Dodgson takes an administrative position as Curator of the Christ Church Common Room.

Dec 19, 1885


Dodgson writes a series of magazine pieces for The Monthly Packet magazine that he called "knots." The tales, a combination of humor story and mathematical puzzles, are published together in a book called A Tangled Tale.

Dec 19, 1892

Resigns from Common Room

Dodgson resigns from his position as Common Room Curator.

Dec 19, 1893

Last Novel

Dodgson, as Carroll, publishes his last work of fiction, a two-part novel called Sylvie and Bruno. The confusing and unusual book is unpopular with readers.

Dec 19, 1896

Symbolic Logic

Dodgson publishes the first of an important two-part treatise on logic called Symbolic Logic. It is the last thing published during his lifetime.

Jan 14, 1898


Dodgson dies of pneumonia at his sisters' home in Guildford. He is buried at Mount Cemetery in Guildford. The second part of his Symbolic Logic is published after his death.

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