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Ralph Waldo Emerson Family

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Father: Rev. William Emerson (1769-1811)
Mother: Ruth Haskins Emerson (1768-1853)
Sister:Phebe Ripley Emerson (1798-1800)
Brother:John Clarke Emerson (1799-1807)
Brother: William Emerson (1801-1868)
Brother: Edward Emerson (1805-1834)
Brother: Robert Bulkeley Emerson (1807-1859)
Brother: Charles Emerson (1808-1836)
Sister: Mary Caroline Emerson (1811-1814)

Wife 1: Ellen Louisa Tucker (c. 1830-1851)

Wife 2: Lydia Jackson (1802-1892)
Son: Waldo Emerson (1836-1842)
Daughter: Ellen Emerson (1839-1909)
Daughter: Edith Emerson (1841-1929)
Son: Edward Waldo Emerson (1844-1930)

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