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Robert Frost Awards

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Pulitzer Prize, New Hampshire (1924)
Honorary degree, Yale University (1924)
Russell Loines Poetry Prize (1931)
Pulitzer Prize, Collected Poems (1931)
Honorary degree, Dartmouth College (1933)
Pulitzer Prize, A Further Range (1937)
Honorary degree, Harvard University (1937)
Gold Medal for Poetry, National Institute of Arts and Letters (1939)
Gold Medal, Poetry Society of America (1941)
Honorary degree, Princeton University (1941)
Pulitzer Prize, A Witness Tree (1943)
First Annual Poetry Award, Boston Arts Festival (1954)
Medal for Distinguished Service, Theodore Roosevelt Society (1954)
Honorary degree, Oxford University (1957)
Honorary degree, Cambridge University (1957)
Gold Medal for Distinguished Service, Poetry Society of America (1958)
Emerson-Thoreau Medal, American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1958)
Medal for Achievements in the Arts, Signet Society, Harvard College (1958)
Congressional Gold Medal (1960)
Poet Laureate of Vermont (1961)
Edward MacDowell Medal (1962)
Bollingen Prize in Poetry (1963)

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