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Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt Work Experience

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Work Experience

Assemblyman, New York state legislature, Albany, 1881-1884
Rancher, Dakotas, 1884-1886
Founder and advocate, Boone and Crockett club, New York, 1888
Commissioner, Civil Service Commission, Washington D.C., 1889-1895
President, Board of Police Commissioners, New York City, 1895-1897
Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Washington D.C., 1897-1898
Lt. Colonel (subsequently promoted to Full Colonel), Rough Riders, 1898
Governor of New York, Albany, 1898-1901
Vice-President of the United States, Washington D.C., 1901
President of the United States, Washington D.C., 1901-1909
Staff writer, The Outlook, 1909-1914
Staff writer, The Metropolitan, 1914-1919

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