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Virginia Woolf Family

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Father: Leslie Stephen (1832-1904)
Mother: Julie Prinsep Jackson Stephen (1846-1895)

Sister: Vanessa Stephen Bell (1879-1961)
Brother in Law: Clive Bell (1881-1964)
Nephew: Julian Bell (1908-1937)
Nephew: Quentin Bell (1910-1996)
Niece: Angelica Bell Garnett (b. 1918)

Brother: Thoby Stephen (1880-1906)

Brother: Adrian Stephen (1883-1948)
Sister in Law: Karin Costelloe (1889-1953)

Half-sister, father's side: Laura Makepeace Stephen (1870-1945)
Half-brother, mother's side: George Duckworth (1868-1934)
Half-sister, mother's side: Stella Duckworth (1869-1897)
Half-brother, mother's side: Gerald Duckworth (1870-1937)

Husband: Leonard Woolf (1880-1969)

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