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Eukaryotes - Common Mistakes

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Common Mistakes

Eukaryotic Cell Structure

Prokaryotes are simpler organisms than eukaryotes. The prefix "pro" refers to "before," because prokaryotes came before eukaryotes, which evolved later.

Movement in Smaller Eukaryotes and Eukaryotic Cells

Flagella, cilia, and pseudopodia are all different types of cellular protrusions that are structured by components of the cytoskeleton. Flagella and cilia are permanent structures while pseudopodia are temporary.

Eukaryotic Kingdoms

Protist? Fungus? Plant? Or Animal? Some things like daffodils and dogs are easy to classify, other things are not so simple. The common characteristics that will help you identify who's who are the following: Is it unicellular or multicellular? Is it an autotroph or heterotroph? How does it reproduce and grow?

Origin of Eukaryotes

It's pretty easy to see where this theory of eukaryotic evolution got its name. Endo sounds like "in" and symbiosis is derived from the word for "together." Kinda the perfect description for how a chloroplast ended up in a cell, working together to make lots of food and oxygen for the rest of us.

Eukaryotes and Environmental Problems

Although any eukaryote can be an annoying pest, it's usually the smaller guys that are parasitic, like protists and tiny fungi. These smaller organisms must use the resource of another organism (a host) in order to survive.

Eukaryotic Model Organisms

Which model organism is the best eukaryotic model organism? There's really no right answer for that. You need to consider the question at hand, what organisms have a similar problem, the money in your pocket, and how much time you've got.

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