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Chemical Reactions Introduction

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Chemical Reactions Introduction

Are chemical reactions things that just happen inside of a test tube? Is there a reason to learn about this stuff at all? Would you be willing to give up chemistry to avoid the subject altogether? Here are some things to think about when deciding whether chemical reactions are worth spending time learning about.

Do you enjoy eating raw meat? Cooking requires a little thing we like to call combustion, which is a common type of chemical reaction. Also, no combustion means no driving. Gasoline is an important component to the combustion inside engines.

How do trees grow? What about flowers? Vegetables of any kind? All of these plants require photosynthesis, which is a chemical reaction that plants use to grow. Plants that rely on photosynthesis for survival produce grains, sugar, and many other goodies. Without chemical reactions, cookies just wouldn't be the same.

Since we're talking about biology, what about breathing? Both aerobic and anaerobic respiration are examples of chemical reactions.

Hopefully that is all convincing evidence that we actually do need chemistry. It is impressive to know a thing or two about them, too, since they are so important.

Chemical Reactions Resources


The Flintstones Meet Chemistry
This is a cute, but informative video about how to classify chemical reactions:

1-2-3-4-5 Reaction Types
This video contains nice visuals for all of the types of chemical reactions.

S'mores and Chemistry
If you need some limiting reagent help (or have a sudden desire to go camping), check out this video.

Synthesis Reaction Review
This lecture is all about synthesis reactions.

Decomposition: Not Just for the Worms
This lecture is all about decomposition reactions.

A Quick Hydrocarbon Balancing Review
Need some extra help balancing combustion reactions?

Sometimes a Combustion Lecture is Just What the Doctor Ordered
If you missed a lecture on combustion or just want to hear more, check out this video.

Name that Reaction
Here's video explaining the different types of chemical reactions.


Science for Students
Who doesn't love interesting science news?

The Great Balancer
This website is a homework lifesaver! It will help you check if you balanced your equations correctly.

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