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Clarence Jones in Letter from Birmingham Jail

By Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Clarence Jones

Clarence "the Ninja Lawyer" Jones met Dr. King while being lobbied to join the team defending him in a tax fraud trial in Alabama—which Dr. King eventually won. After that, he remained involved in the SCLC and Civil Rights Movement. As you can imagine, they needed some good lawyers to deal with all the flak that was coming their way.

He soon became one of Dr. King's closest friends and one of the SCLC's most active members. When hundreds of children and adults needed to be bailed out of jail at the height of the Birmingham Campaign, Jones was the man who went to a New York bank to receive $100,000 from Nelson Rockefeller's vault.

But Jones had other valuable qualities in addition to his fluency in legalese. He demonstrated his ninja lawyer skills when he smuggled out the many pieces of paper that would be compiled and edited to become "Letter from Birmingham Jail." He also contributed to the writing of Dr. King's major speeches and was a trusted advisor on strategy and legal issues.

How does the saying go? Behind every great man…is a ninja?

Something like that.

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