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Jung wasn't the model spouse, if there was such a thing at the turn of the century. He had an affair with Sabina Speilrein. Yes, she was his patient. Yes, she was also a colleague. What man could resist a brilliant scientist who adores your every eccentricity? Anyway, the way in which the juicy details of this love affair came to light are now legend. Jung himself wrote suggestive, erotic notes about her on her medical records at the Burgholzli Hospital, where he treated her. He gossiped about himself.

Jung was rumored to be a Nazi sympathizer due to his interest in German folklore and the occult. This is a pretty whack accusation. Hello, a lot of people other than Hitler were interested in the stories of their homeland. How was Jung to know the intellectual workings of the inner circles of Hitler? He vigorously denied the rumors and said some not-so-nice things about Adolf in several of his papers.

Jung's paternal grandfather may have been the illegitimate love child of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Those would be some sweet psychic genetics, if this rumor were true. But Jung never mentioned the guy, so this bit of gossip is dubious.

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