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Claude Lévi-Strauss Social Media

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For someone who conducted so many interviews, Lévi-Strauss thought the interview was a "detestable genre." (Source.)

Lévi-Strauss referred to Existentialism as "shopgirl metaphysics"—to which Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir surely must have said: "That hurt." (Source.)

In considering the marriage patterns of Amazonian tribes, Lévi-Strauss drew comparisons to Cinderella, who marries an outsider. Turns out Cinderella is kind of universal, at least according to Claude. (Source).

Lévi-Strauss loved to go antiquing with famous surrealists André Breton, Max Ernst, and Marcel Duchamp. (Source)

He was elected to the Académie Française in 1973, and when a famous French author came up as the first woman ever to be considered for election, he voted against her, arguing that AF shouldn't change a 300-year-old tradition. To which all women surely said: "That hurt." (Source.)

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