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Edward Saïd - El PoCo Loco

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El PoCo Loco

They're just a bunch of crazy kids hungry to conduct postcolonial theory on everything in sight. Nothing gets past their watchful eye: the Top Ramen served in the cafeteria, their history teacher's Vietnam Soldier Halloween costume, or the cheerleader's moronic display of school patriotism in the form of a dance set to The Bangles' "Walk Like an Egyptian." This clique's goal is to make everyone feel pitifully aware of his part in Western bigotry.

Jean Rhys


Jean is not only really cute, but she's smart, too. She takes on Jane Eyre like a major butt kicker in Wide Sargasso Sea. (That prissy Jane had it coming after ignoring that "crazy" Creole woman in the attic). Rhys is great because she makes sure the postcolonialists don't lose touch with their feminist sides.

David Henry Hwang


El PoCo Loco has this gifted American author as treasurer of their posse because he just raked in the cash from his play M.Butterfly, which busted Western perceptions of China and American perspectives on Vietnam wide open. (The clique members always cry when—spoiler alert!—Gallimard commits seppuku.) He's also in charge of their yearly festival and fundraiser, of course.

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

Vice-President in Charge of Membership

El PoCo Locos can't say enough good things about Gayatri. She always makes sure she could up the attendance of subalterns even if she had to go out and yank 'em off the street. They use her famous essay "Can the Subaltern Speak?" as an informal manifesto, and always read it aloud before turning the mic over to the nearest immigrant, working class Joe, woman, or any other subordinate. She also carefully polices the subaltern membership, making sure that only real subalterns could call themselves subalterns.

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