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Filippo Tommaso Marinetti - The Technocrats

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The Technocrats

This group loves to "talk tech." The Technocrats not only got together to discuss the latest gizmos (like wireless radios and planes that could make transcontinental voyages); they also loved any and all advances in urbanization, like freeways (a big hit), skyscrapers, and even smog. Cultural renewal meant leaving green pastures and frolicking sheep in the dust. Literally.

F.T. Marinetti
Autocrat of the Technocrats

F.T. wouldn't have it any other way. He insisted on being the leader of the group—and who wants to argue with him? (He can be mean.) Plus, he was so in love with technology—like really in love with technology—that his friends couldn't say no. You should see how he talked about fast cars. It was like a 14-year-old like describing the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

Gino Severeni

Gino was a committed Technocrat, but he was first and foremost a painter. When the group came up with ideas that didn't exist yet, Gino would throw together a prototype. He approached art like a scientist and an engineer. If you told him that his work was tasteful, you ran the risk of having your face slapped.

Giovanni Segantini
Event Organizer

There was a lot to get done, and even more talking to get through. Giovanni would arrange fieldtrips to cities undergoing rapid industrialization. Milan was a favorite, and we're pretty sure these dudes would have loved Detroit in its heyday. Giovanni would charter buses, and the whole gang would pile in and race around the city disregarding all the rules (those are for the middle class) and documenting industry and technology by taking photographs at bizarre angles.

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