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The one story everyone repeats about Kant is that he was so regular in his afternoon walk that the citizens of Konigsberg could set their clocks according to his position on the street. Most legends of this sort turn out to be false, or exaggerated, but by all accounts this one is actually true. (Source.)

Kant never married (is that why the standard example of an analytic claim is all bachelors are unmarried?). He did come close twice, but his penchant for careful, rational consideration of his decisions did him in. By the time he had finally made up his mind, his potential brides had made other plans. (Source.)

Kant was only 5 feet tall. He had scoliosis, a deformed chest and suffered from weak health to boot. Shmoop can, however, confirm that there is no truth to the rumor that Kant's greatest disappointment in life was never making it to the NBA. (Source.)

Kant put the "hyp" in hypochondria. Not only did he worry throughout his life about his physical health, in his later years he also studied the mortality statistics on a monthly basis, using these to estimate his own life expectancy. (Source.)

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