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Jacques Lacan Social Media

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This may not seem juicy to you, but Lacan's "return to Freud," which provided a new theoretical foundation of psychoanalysis, was a real tempest in a teacup. Controversy, crisis, and scandal plagued Lacan. In 1953, he was excommunicated from the International Psycho-Analytic Association. And we thought only the Pope could excommunicate people… (Source.)

Lacan didn't just care about the inside—the outside mattered a lot too: "He also began to develop the dandyish persona by which he would be known when he had become famous, tending his appearance, cultivating numerous mistresses and squandering the money given him by his parents." (We think he looks a little like an extra from The Sopranos here, but no matter). (Source.)

He may have been a controversial, opinionated guy, but Lacan was still a family man. He dedicated his thesis to his brother, and to his parents. (Source.)

Okay, so maybe he wasn't totally a family man. Lacan had some babymama drama, fathering a daughter named Judith with a woman named Sylvia Bataille—who was decidedly not his wife. (Source.)

If you want to hear the gossip from the gossipee, you should check out Lacan's Twitter.

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