The Transferents

These fellas are a staunch group of Lacan supporters of the idea that the analysand is only good to go when he identifies with the analyst. That means the analyst has to present an empty image and try to provoke the patient's desire for recognition. That transference is a strange kind of love for the analyst. Some people think these analysts are selfish louts, wanting all the love for themselves, but The Transferents knew it was for the greater good of the patients.

Jacques Lacan

Guiding Spirit

Okay so technically speaking, Lacan isn't exactly a member. He's more like a guiding spirit, muse, and resident martyr. Though he attends every meeting, they all agreed that because every group he joins ends up falling apart, it's best if he remains on the periphery.

Jacques Alain-Miller

Legacy Manager

Yes, he was Lacan's son-in-law, so he may have felt certain obligations to please wifey, but Jacques was also a philosopher and really the guardian of Lacan's work—he managed his translations and editions in the United States.

Charles Melman

The Muscle

This well-known analyst is member of the Board of Directors, and boy does he have guts. When he feels someone's not towing the Lacanian line, he'll kick em out, no questions asked.

Michèle Montrelay

Enemy Number One

That Michèle really chaps Lacan's hide. Obviously, she's not a member of The Transferents, but she's such a key figure that she can't be ignored. She got really P.O.'d when Lacan blocked her from conducting a seminar on male sexuality, accusing her of being more of a feminist than an analyst.

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