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Williams had deep ambivalence about beautiful churches and country estates. On the one hand, he couldn't help but admire their elegance; on the other hand, he rejected the idea that they were part of his "heritage," and that they were monuments of British superiority. (Source.)

According to his biographer Fred Inglis, Williams was not only humorless and shy, but also unsexual and ungenerous. (Source.)

Williams was one of those love him or hate him kind of guys. Some people thought he was way overrated, while others said he was never taken seriously enough. (Source.)

Sure, Williams's father was a railway man—a role Williams liked to invoke when describing his working class upbringing, but his dad did eventually get enough money to buy a car and even became something of an entrepreneur. (Source.)

Apparently, Williams was a real puritan—translation: a prude. In fact, he was so square that he "admitted that he disliked going to London because the advertisements everywhere made him physically sick." (Source.)

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