Feminists Against Freud

Freud isn't hurt by this clique. Not in the least. He just knows they furtively harbor desires for him and cannot express them so it bursts out as jags of intellectual criticism. No harm, no foul. The group formed because this group of women felt like Sigmund wasn't giving a fair shake to female sexuality.

Simone de Beauvoir


That book of hers—The Second Sex—was just about the end of Freud. She's not down with the whole male superiority is innate gig, and has a whole heap of ideas about gender and social construction that don't jive with Freud's take on the world.

Betty Friedan


The Feminine Mystique was a bit of a hornet's nest for Freud. As the group's documentarian, Betty documents all of the minutes of every meeting of Feminists Against Freud. She calls Freud "Victorian," which he feels was a little insensitive given how forward thinking his views are.

Kate Millet

Judge and Jury

Kate's a heavy hitter in F.A.F. Freud doesn't want to seem petty, but he thinks her problem is that she hasn't thoroughly investigated his ideas in the context of psychoanalysis. Sometimes, she holds her book (Sexual Politics) up while she rants and raves at meetings—like some sort of feminist fire and brimstone preacher.

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