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Sigmund Freud - Literary Critics Who Heart Freud

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Literary Critics Who Heart Freud

This group of critics really keeps the dream alive. Look, you may not find Freud's name whispered in the halls of psychology departments, but literary critics just can't get enough of the guy, even with his outdated theories. He gave them some great literary ideas to riff on, and they've taken it from there. These crazy kids prove that just about anyone can be "psychoanalyzed"—even The Cat in the Hat.

Harold Bloom


This big teddy bear of an academic just loves Freud's intellectual tradition, grouping him with the likes of Plato, Montaigne, and even Shakespeare. He once said, "Perhaps we need a Shakespearean interpretation of Freud rather more than we need further Freudian interpretations of Shakespeare" (source). Bloom gives the clique weekly assignments of books of which attendees are asked to do Freudian interpretations (extra points for books on parricide or incest).

Camille Paglia


Camille is like a one-woman fan club. The fact that she is a hipster really helps Freud's street cred. She sees him as "Nietzsche's heir"—that's some praise (source). Freud thought for a while that this famous intellectual was experiencing Daddy issues with him, but it's possible she just loves him for his mind. Although she does diss the scientific authority of his findings. But hey, she's gotta keep up with the times.

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