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Simone de Beauvoir - Mommy Myth Busters

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Mommy Myth Busters

This women's-only group is way over being under the heel of History (with a capital H). They rally around all issues related to menstruation, virginity, and prostitution. And they examine the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe, Arthur Rimbaud, and Paul Verlaine, rooting out anti-women remarks along the way. Motto: Boo to Jean-Jacques Rousseau!

Elisabeth Badinter 

Co-president, with Beauvoir

"Women Are Not Chimpanzees" is the rallying cry of this French feminist. She and her co-president (Beauvoir) believe that the whole "back-to-nature" campaign for motherhood is an obvious gambit for keeping women down. (There are always fresh forms of oppression, it seems.) Elisabeth takes particular issue with obsessive breastfeeding advocates, or "nipple Nazis." Plus she's fed up with "l'enfant roi," or "the child is king" mentality.

Kayt Sukel 


Kayt believes that science is the only way to cut through the so-called eternal truths that keep women oppressed. Down with all that armchair pontificating—bring on the neuroscience! Now that's real, verifiable proof. She also wrote a book called Dirty Minds that is not at all what you would think.

Julia Borossa


Julia thinks feminism has gone into the toilet since the 1990s. She rejects what she calls, the "cult of victimhood," emphasizing the fact that not all women are victims! It's just too easy to blame all men.

Judith Warner


Judith works on the psychological aspects of mothering. That's right, moms are more than just bodies! What's with all of the anxiety? Mothers in the US are so unhappy, and Judith wants to understand why. She also digs debating with fellow feminists from France about which country has the most miserable mothers. All in good fun, naturally.

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