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Paradise Lost by John Milton (1674) in Feminist Theory

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Paradise Lost by John Milton (1674)

Rewinding to 1674, Paradise Lost might not seem like a text that feminist readers would want to pay lots of attention to, but don't you just love it? John Milton set out to "justify the ways of God to man," which is pretty darn gutsy, if we do say so ourselves. And whether or not you think he succeeded, you've gotta give him cred for his mad versifying skills.

Especially if complex metaphors and finely tuned conceits really float your boat, you've got to think it's pretty darn cool that Milton made all of Satan's speeches tricky and totally twisty, while the voice of his God shines through simple and pure? And how awesome are those archangel battle scenes? Much as we loves us some Supernatural, the show's got nothing on this. That is, until you ask Eve what she's got to say, because Milton sure doesn't.

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