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1984 Analysis and Literary Devices

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We Analyzed 1984 So You Don’t Have To

1984 is set in Oceania, a future dystopia, making it an imagined world far worse than our own. The living conditions are poor, there is in a constant state of war, and explosions are ubiquitous. This chilling story follows a man named Winston Smith who is unhappy with his job and the control the Party, the ruling governmental force, has over him.

He finds himself going against what is accepted when he pursues a relationship with a woman named Julia. This leads Winston into the eye of the opposition on a journey to conform the nonconformist. Our analysis of 1984 takes it a step beyond this summary of the book and breaks down the writer’s personal findings and explanations for aspects that include the title, setting, themes, and more.

Read Shmoop’s Analysis of 1984

If you read the summary but are still struggling to understand the meaning of the book, be sure to check out the 1984 analysis listed above. This explains everything in the story and will give you a better understanding of the author’s intentions. Be sure to click on the free 1984 analysis that you want to explore!

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