Study Guide

Minor Characters in 2001: A Space Odyssey

By Arthur C. Clarke

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Minor Characters

Frank Poole

The other non-hibernating astronaut on Discovery. He is indistinguishable from Bowman in most respects, except that he's the one who gets killed.

Whitehead, Kaminski, & Hunter

The three astronauts in hibernation on the Discovery.

Nick Miller

An American security officer on the space station orbiting earth.

Dmitri Moisevitch

A Russian scientist, friends with Heywood Floyd.

Ralph Halverson

An administrator on the moon.

Diana Halverson

Ralph's moon-born four-year-old daughter (see Symbols: Diana Halverson).

Roy Michaels

Chief Scientist on the moon.


The leader of the Others, the man-ape tribe that screams at Moon-Watcher's tribe across the river. One-Ear's tribe isn't helped by the slab, so One-Ear gets killed. Which doesn't seem fair, really.

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