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2001: A Space Odyssey Part 2, Chapter 9

By Arthur C. Clarke

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Part 2, Chapter 9

Moon Shuttle

  • No, not much more happens in this chapter than in the last one.
  • Dmitri and Floyd shmooze.
  • Dmitri asks what the deal is with the epidemic, just like the stewardess does. Floyd stonewalls.
  • Okay, Shmoop gets it. Something's happening; Floyd isn't telling what it is; it's big; he's awesome.
  • Dmitri mentions the magic word "TMA-1". The security guy is startled to show that this is a big deal. Floyd doesn't react to show that he is even more awesome and tough than hard-headed security guards.
  • Dmitri tells Floyd to be careful.
  • Then off to another ship, this one on its way to the moon.
  • There's a bit about how the food is engineered so it doesn't float around the cabin in weightlessness. Seriously. Clarke loves that sort of thing.
  • Now Floyd looks at his Newspad, which is sort of like a low-tech Internet. Clarke was writing before the Internet, though, so he thinks the Newspad is really cool.
  • The stewardess is from Bali, an Indonesian island, and she performs a traditional dance for Floyd. Guys read Newspads; women dance. Clarke's future has nifty gadgets, but those 1960s gender roles seem like they will never go away.
  • Nothing else really happens; the moon gets bigger, then Floyd lands on it.

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