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2001: A Space Odyssey Part 4, Chapter 25

By Arthur C. Clarke

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Part 4, Chapter 25

First Man to Saturn

  • Many of the chapter titles are ironic, but this is more ironic than usual. See if you can figure out why by the time you get to the end, Shmoopers.
  • Poole goes to check the dingus that's on the fritz.
  • The narrative is from Bowman's perspective inside; he's listening to Poole working with Hal to get the AE-35 out.
  • Bowman notices something weird; Hal is executing orders but not acknowledging them verbally.
  • Then out to Poole's perspective, he sees the pod coming towards him under full thrust.
  • And that's it for Frank Poole. Poole, you bland, boring space-dude, we hardly knew thee.
  • (Actually, he shows up again in one of the sequels, improbably. But there's a lot about this book that's improbable.)
  • Bowman keeps calling to Frank, but no answer.
  • Bowman asks Frank to wave, and Frank eerily waves—an effect of the motion of the pod that is pulling Frank away.
  • And Frank will be the first man on Saturn (irony!).

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