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2001: A Space Odyssey Part 6, Chapter 41

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Part 6, Chapter 41

Grand Central

  • Lots of description about extra-stellar weirdness outside the pod. In the film, this is where you get twenty minutes or so of trippy psychedelic lights. Can't do that in a book, so it's just Arthur C. telling you that things look somewhat weird.
  • It's not as effective, really.
  • There's some faster than light travel going on which messes with Bowman's clock (space and time are all smooshed together. Einstein said so).
  • Bowman's watch actually stops altogether, but Bowman's still moving.
  • He's above a planet; he realizes it's some sort of cosmic switch station.
  • You pick a Star Gate, and it sends you somewhere in the universe.
  • Like a railroad switch engine yard, but with more stars.

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