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2001: A Space Odyssey Part 6, Chapter 44

By Arthur C. Clarke

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Part 6, Chapter 44


  • The pod lands in a hotel room.
  • Improbable, you say? Yes. But that's science-fiction and super-advanced aliens for you. They can do anything.
  • Santa Claus appears with an ice cream cone for Bowman.
  • Okay, that doesn't happen. Can't have everything.
  • Bowman gets out of his ship, wearing his suit, and looks around.
  • The print in the books in the hotel isn't clear though.
  • The food in the fridge is some kind of blue substance.
  • Bowman figures if there's a hotel, there should be air.
  • The logic isn't entirely clear, but it turns out to be correct; he gets out of his suit and doesn't asphyxiate.
  • Out of his suit, he can try eating the blue substance. It's pretty good.
  • He drinks some water from the tap.
  • He turns on the television and gets various programs; he figures that TMA-1 has been monitoring earth broadcasts.
  • Bowman sees a TV program with an exact replica of his hotel room. He figures the aliens designed the room based on the television program.
  • And then he's tired so he takes a nap. (Not what you'd do, you say? Well, next time you're in a hotel on the far side of the galaxy, you see how tired you are.)

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