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2001: A Space Odyssey Technology and Modernization

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Technology and Modernization

For the most part, 2001 is really into technology, whether it's bone-saws, spaceships, or alien lattice brains. Technology is cool, technology is hip, technology helps you on up the evolutionary ladder, man-ape. But—there's also a nervousness about technology that peeks through here and there…most notably around Hal, that Frankenstein's monster of a computer. Love the bone-saw—but watch out if it comes after you.

Questions About Technology and Modernization

  1. Besides Hal, is there any other example of dangerous or bad technology in 2001?
  2. Can humans be seen as a technology of the aliens? Why or why not? (Is Hal a technology of humans?)
  3. In the novel, does being more technologically advanced make people (or aliens) more moral?

Chew on This

In 2001, humans evolve by getting new and better technologies.

In 2001, humans get new and better technologies by evolving.

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