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A Break With Charity Chapter 10

By Ann Rinaldi

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Chapter 10

Naming the Tormenters

  • The day has come: the afflicted girls will call a bunch of town folks witches. Susanna and her father head to the parsonage together.
  • They find Johnathan (cue Susanna blushing), and he takes Susanna inside the back door with the help of John Indian.
  • The room is packed, and everyone is super quiet when the afflicted girls enter—it's kinda like they're stars of the show.
  • At first Ann says that she's not unwell at all, that everything is just peachy keen… But a second later she's screaming at the top of her lungs and shaking on the floor, and now everyone is scared.
  • Reverend Parris keeps asking Ann who the witch is. And at one point it looks like Susanna is going to speak up, but Ann scares Susanna into silence. Bummer.
  • Eventually Ann names someone as a witch: Tituba. Oh no. And then all the afflicted girls agree with their evil leader.
  • Before you know it, the girls are naming other folks, too: Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne.
  • Susanna is super upset, so she goes outside. Johnathan goes with her, but he just makes matters worse—Johnathan believes those three ladies are actually witches. He's joined the dark side, and that really bums Susanna out.
  • Susanna is so angry that she starts to leave in a huff, and when Johnathan says he wants to visit her, she basically tells him that she doesn't give a rat's tail what he does. Way to stand your ground, Suz.
  • Before she heads off, Abigail says what's up to Susanna. She's pretty psyched about all the witch hullaballoo, because it's adding some excitement to her life.
  • Abigail also tells Susanna that Tituba is locked up in Reverend Parris's cowshed. So off Susanna goes.

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