Study Guide

A Break With Charity Chapter 11

By Ann Rinaldi

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Chapter 11

Tituba's Tale

  • Susanna is visiting Tituba and she's in bad shape—the reverend has beaten her big time, which is really horrible.
  • So Susanna is pretty upset. But she tells Tituba that if she tells Reverend Parris the truth, maybe all this witch craziness will stop.
  • Unfortunately, Tituba has already told Reverend P a story: that she's a witch. Come again? Tituba knows it's a lie, but it was the only thing to make the reverend stop beating her. John Indian is there, and he agrees with his wife—they're going to do whatever it takes to survive.
  • Before Susanna leaves, Tituba has one last prophecy for her: one night Susanna will see a ship made of clouds in the sky. The ship will look like a pirate ship, but change into an English ship, and then just go away. And why does this all matter? Well because it'll be a sign that big bro William is coming back.
  • Susanna is pretty excited about this good news. And Tituba says she has to keep it to herself.
  • By the time Susanna gets home, she's sick as a dog. And Susanna stays sick for a lot of the winter, so while she's in bed, she gets gossip from her family about what's going on around town. Tituba has officially dubbed herself a witch, and said that Sarah Good and Sarah Osbourne are definitely witches too. In fact, Tituba spins quite the story about demonic animals and signing the Devil's book. Oh, and she says there are more witches around.
  • When it comes to Sarah Good and Sarah Osbourne, they say that they are innocent as can be. But the town thinks they're witches, so all three ladies end up in jail.

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