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A Break With Charity Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Our Last Good Hope

  • At Ingersoll's Ordinary, Johnathan and Susanna meet up with Mary—and this gal is scared like whoa.
  • Mary says that the afflicted girls are lying. Sadly for Salem though, the magistrates aren't buying it.
  • Susanna wants to know the full story, so Mary explains that she's in love with her master, John Proctor. Ann and the rest of the mean girls pinky swore that they wouldn't accuse John, but once he started speaking out all bets were off, so now Mary is coming to her master's aid.
  • And since Mary is supposed to testify in court today, things are getting pretty exciting. Plus now three more witches are up for examination: Bridget Bishop, Giles Corey, and Abigail Hobbs (she's the lass who lives in the woods). Apparently Abigail is loving the attention.
  • Mary is super scared about testifying, and Susanna and Johnathan are pretty sweet and comfort Mary.
  • Later that day, it's trial time. There are three up for examination today.
  • Accused Witch One: Abigail Hobbs. She's proud to say that she's a witch… And it gets worse: she confesses to murder, too.
  • Accused Witch Two: Bridget Bishop. She claims innocence, but the girls's fits convince the magistrates to ship her off.
  • Accused Witch Three: Giles Corey. He's an eighty-year-old chap and barely gets a word in before the afflicted girls get him thrown out. Sheesh.
  • Mary Warren is up next. She tries to speak, but in the end it just doesn't happen. When she has a fit, Ann Putnam says that it was Martha Corey and Elizabeth Proctor who attacked her.
  • Well Susanna and Johnathan are pretty sickened by this whole performance, so they decide not to attend these shows anymore.
  • But they can't avoid bad news that easily—the next day, Mama English gets a warrant for her arrest. Uh-oh…

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