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A Break With Charity Chapter 14

By Ann Rinaldi

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Chapter 14

The Ship in the Sky

  • Gear up for some rough news: Susanna's mom is arrested on April 21. But before Susanna tells us this story, first she gives us the scoop on that cloud ship prophecy of Tituba's (for a refresher, hop back to Chapter 11 and then join us back here).
  • Earlier that night, Susanna was delivering dinner to an older chap who lives on his own, when all of a sudden she saw the ship in the sky. And gee golly was it wild: it went from a pirate ship to an English ship, just like Tituba said. Here's hoping that William is coming to Salem soon.
  • Back home, Susanna is a big ball of smiles and rainbows, and to top it all off, her sis Mary gets engaged that night. Cheers all around.
  • So now that the whole family is happy as clams, it's time for the nasty marshals to come to arrest Mrs. E.
  • Now here's the really amazing part: Mrs. E just stays calm the whole time. Susanna is freaking out like whoa, but her mom is staying chill as can be.
  • The next morning, Mama English tells Mary and Susanna their chores for while she's gone, and then she's off. Way to keep your eyes on the prize, Mama E.
  • The whole family sets to work. Dad goes to fight off this arrest thing, and Susanna heads straight for, you guessed it, Ann Putnam's house.
  • Get ready for Ann to make you tear your hair out: She says she's done nothing wrong, since Mama E was the one who defended Sarah Cloyce. Susanna realizes that Ann has started believing all her own lies, and that Ann actually thinks she's cleansing the town of evil.
  • And just in case Susanna wanted to speak out now, Ann reminds her that they can still call her dad, sis, and big bro witches—she's all heart, that one—so Susanna keeps her mouth shut.

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