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A Break With Charity Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

When I Hear the Owls Call at Night

  • Guess who comes a-knocking at the door that night? Yep, it's Papa E. And everyone is stoked to see him.
  • When Mary and Susanna are alone with their dad, they chat about what's to come; Papa English says he's hopeful that everything will work out, so that's cool.
  • The next day, Papa E goes into court. The girls stay home, and get worried when their pops is taken away.
  • After dinner Joseph gets down to brass tacks: it's time for Mary to run away with her parents to Boston. They're going tonight, and Susanna better hurry up if she wants to say goodbye.
  • So Susanna and Mary travel across Salem to the marshes. And oh boy is this place creepy at night.
  • When the whole English family is together, they hug and say goodbye. The whole thing is pretty sweet.
  • Susanna goes back home with Joseph while the others head to Boston.

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