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A Break With Charity Chapter 19

By Ann Rinaldi

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Chapter 19

My Dark Tale

  • Based on the title of this chapter, we've got a pretty good feeling about what's about to go down.
  • And we're right: Susanna spills all the beans to Joseph. The beans are basically everywhere. She gives all the details, so we get a recap of the whole shebang from the beginning:
  • Event One: Susanna wanted to join the secret circle back in the day. They were meeting in the parsonage with Tituba for fun sorcery times and it seemed like the cool thing to do.
  • Event Two: When Susanna visited, Betty freaked out; Susanna realized that Betty was feeling guilty about what was going on in her house.
  • Event Three: Susanna chatted with Ann about this whole mess, and Ann said that Abigail wanted attention like Betty so she started acting batty.
  • Event Four: Ann and the other lying girls joined in. They wanted to have freedom to do pretty much whatever they wanted… and that's exactly what happened.
  • Event Five: The clique of girls swore that they'd never tell anyone what they're doing. And that brings us to today.
  • Joseph asks Susanna why she didn't speak up earlier, and Susanna explains that Ann threatened her family, but Joe still seems super angry. He wishes she'd come to him for help and feels like Susanna should've trusted him more.
  • Tensions are high as can be between these two, but they've got bigger fish to fry so they put their feelings aside and forgive each other.
  • Now Susanna is going to keep this news a secret from everyone except Joseph. And Joseph is going to figure out their next step.

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