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A Break With Charity Chapter 2

By Ann Rinaldi

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Chapter 2


  • John Indian isn't surprised to see Susanna—he knows she's been chilling in the woods, just waiting to go see his wife.
  • While Susanna and John chat at the back door, we get the skinny on slavery in the colonies. You see, John Indian is a slave and so is Tituba. John was raised in the West Indies before being brought to Massachusetts.
  • Here's some cool news: Susanna's dad doesn't believe in slavery. Yep, he's a pretty solid dude. But Susanna also gives us some news that's not so great: her dad has indentured servants. This means that poorer folks who want to travel to the colonies can pay for their passage by working for Mr. English for a handful of years.
  • Okay, back to the reason Susanna's here: it's time to see Tituba. Happily, the mean girls are gone so Susanna has Tituba all to herself. Sadly though, Susanna learns that Reverend P beats Tituba. If you were wondering if he's a good dude, well then there's your answer: he's not.
  • After some chit chat, Tituba has a stellar prophecy for Susanna: big bro Will is coming home. Eventually. Wahoo.
  • But here's the clincher: when William comes back, there's also going to be lots of sadness in the village. Tituba says there's chaos brewing in the Salem folks, and it's just waiting to bubble over. Now that's a serious omen.
  • Plus, Tituba has a bad feeling about the new gal, Ann Putnam. She says that Ann's mama wants Tituba to help her take revenge on the town. Whoa, hold the phone. Revenge for what?
  • Looks like we aren't getting too many answers from Tituba. All the same, Susanna feels pretty peaceful as she leaves… Um, doesn't she remember all Tituba's warnings about the town?

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