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A Break With Charity Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

The Witch on the Windlass

  • Joseph isn't about to waste any time figuring out a new plan. Turns out one of the judges, a dude named Corwin, is having doubts, and Joseph thinks that his pal Reverend Pike of Salisbury might convince Corwin to speak out.
  • This Pike guy seems pretty cool. He's been speaking out against the witch craze, especially when a nice old lady named Mary Bradbury was accused by a Boston ship-owner named Sam Endicott.
  • Now here's the part of the story that really freaks Susanna out: supposedly Mary led pirates to her big bro's ship. Holy bananas that makes Susanna scared.
  • Susanna wants to head to Boston for a chat with Sam Endicott, but Joseph says they're too busy with other visits to John Alden and Susanna's family.
  • In Boston, Susanna, Johnathan, and Joseph visit John Alden, a famous sea captain who also fights nearby Indians. He's sort of a local celebrity, so Susanna is a little star struck.
  • After a group of folks gathered with Alden pray together, Susanna and Johnathan have a private chat. She wants to visit Sam Endicott and Johnathan says he'll take her.
  • At Endicott's they hear his wild tale. He says that Mary Bradbury stole butter from him and wrecked his ship during a storm. And how does he know this? Well Sammy says he saw Mary himself. Sure folks see nonexistent stuff all the time at sea, but he still believes Mary was there.
  • Susanna is getting the heebie-geebies, and they only get worse when Sam says that Mary is going to wreck The Amiable Tiger, a ship that Mary says big bro William is now on. Apparently Mary offered all this info up to Sam.
  • We're super skeptical, but Susanna is actually buying this yarn. She decides to keep what she knows about the lying girls in Salem to herself until her big bro is home, just in case.
  • All of a sudden, Johnathan and Susanna's carriage tips over and she blacks out. Thankfully, our girl wakes up and isn't hurt too badly.

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