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A Break With Charity Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

A Promise in Moonlight

  • When Susanna and Johnathan get back to Joseph, they're super late. Here's the deal: they're so late that they missed seeing Susanna's mom, dad, and sis. Oh no. Joseph is shooting daggers out of his eyes and Susanna is teary as all get-out.
  • When they return to Salem, Susanna is worried Joseph will still be peeved; instead he's actually pretty nice, but he's also got some rough news. Susanna's parents's trial is coming up and Joseph has arranged for them to flee to New York. He's afraid of what will happen if they go to trial. And so are we.
  • Susanna realizes this means she won't see her family again until who knows when, which really stinks.
  • Joseph also tells Susanna of his plans to have a meeting with that judge Pike dude. If Susanna tells Pike what she knows, Joseph figures they have a decent shot of convincing Pike to write to Corwin, and that could mean a major break in the case. Susanna is too scared and says no.
  • Susanna is pretty much in hell for the next two weeks, and she keeps obsessing about Mary Bradbury being a witch, which isn't helping things.
  • When Johnathan asks Susanna what's up, she confesses her fears. He's super nice and comforts her.
  • Lover boy Johnathan also says that he and Joseph are helping Mary Bradbury to escape, so Johnathan will arrange a meeting between Susanna and Mary so that Susanna can see how awesome Mary is.

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