Study Guide

A Break With Charity Chapter 22

By Ann Rinaldi

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Chapter 22

Under the Hanging Tree

  • Gear up for a spooky scene because Susanna is waiting at Gallows Hill, the place where they've already hung a bunch of so-called witches. And she's feeling super freaked out.
  • Finally Johnathan shows up with Mary in tow. She's the sweetest little old lady that you ever did see, but it still takes awhile for Susanna to warm up to her. She needs lots of evidence, which Mary supplies.
  • Evidence One: Mary told Mama English all the rumors about her and William's ship, and Mama E didn't care a fig about them.
  • Evidence Two: Big bro William and Papa English have known Mary for years.
  • Evidence Three: Mary's secret dream is to sail on a ship and climb up to the crow's nest… which just happens to be Susanna's dream too, so that's cool.
  • Evidence Four: Johnathan whips out a petition with ninety-three names. Oodles of Mary's neighbors have signed this paper to say that this lady sure isn't a witch, which is both pretty convincing and pretty touching.
  • Finally, Susanna says okie dokie, Mary isn't a witch. They hug.
  • Mary asks Susanna to go to sea and climb to the crow's nest for her one day.

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