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A Break With Charity Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Beyond the Cauldron's Bubbling Contents

  • So Susanna is back at Tituba's and she hears lots of news about the mean clique of girls.
  • News Tidbit One: Reverend Parris's daughter, Betty, is sick with a nasty fever. And Tituba suggests that Betty and her cousin Abigail aren't as innocent as everyone thinks they are.
  • News Tidbit Two: The bratty clique is getting bigger.
  • News Tidbit Three: Ann is definitely the leader of the packā€¦ and not in a good way. Tituba says she's super evil and beyond all help. Sheesh, this girls sounds like a piece of work.
  • All of a sudden, Betty shows up downstairs, acting like she's possessed. Seriously, she's a pretty scary sight. Oh, and she's shrieking about Hell and plagues and mysterious happening in her house, so you can bet that Susanna is a little freaked out.
  • And it only gets worse when Betty tells Susanna that she's not welcome to visit Tituba anymore. Betty says she'll tell Ann that Susanna was visiting, and that's bad news.
  • After Tituba puts Betty back to bed, she tells Susanna that Betty is just sick with a fever.
  • But poor Susanna can't forget what she saw. Betty sure is frightened by whatever is going on in the parsonage after all, and what if Betty is on to something?

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