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A Break With Charity Prologue

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  • This book starts off with some gloomy times. You see, our narrator is sitting in the old Salem Meetinghouse (a.k.a. a church also used for public meetings), thinking back to 1692, and we can guess from this book's title that she's musing about the famous Salem witch trials.
  • Sadly for our narrator, her memories of this meetinghouse are totally tragic—like how her mom was called a friend of witches in this place back in the day, or how a girl named Ann Putnam wreaked havoc in her neighborhood. Yep, sounds like our narrator has some sad stuff in her past.
  • But here's a wee bit of good news: there's a new pastor in town, named Reverend Joseph Green, and he's trying to make Salem a better place. Plus, no one wants to talk about witches anymore either, so that's cool.
  • So our narrator is already feeling super conflicted about being in her old meetinghouse, and it only gets more complicated because Ann Putnam is coming back to beg forgiveness for the mayhem she caused fourteen years ago. And our narrator isn't exactly in a forgiving mood.
  • Plus our narrator wants to be forgiven too. Wait, forgiven for what? Well, she's not telling us just yet. Gosh, she hasn't even given us her name yet either… But we've got a feeling she'll spill the beans before this novel wraps up.

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