Study Guide

A Break With Charity Family

By Ann Rinaldi

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When there's a witch craze afoot, you can bet that family becomes even more important. Just take a look at the English clan—this family knows they need to work together in order to survive. And along the way, Susanna has some seriously touching times with her sis, big bro, and parents. But family isn't always butterflies and rainbows in this book. Susanna and her family spend lots of time apart, which isn't easy. And then there's the Putnam families. Sure this family has perfect seeds (a.k.a. Joseph and Elizabeth), but they've also got some super bad seeds too (a.k.a. Ann Sr. and Ann Jr.). With all these ups and downs, the characters in A Break with Charity have to decide where family ranks on their priority list.

Questions About Family

  1. What makes families strong in A Break with Charity? And what makes them weak?
  2. Is family always a good thing? How so? What are the ways in which it's actually the pits?
  3. How are sibling relationships different than parent-child relationships in this book?
  4. How do absent family members work in this book? Why do you think William is so important?

Chew on This

Family is always number one. When it comes to Susanna, she puts family first, even if that means hurting other people.

For Susanna, family is super important, but she's got other ideals that take the cake.

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