Study Guide

A Break With Charity Fear

By Ann Rinaldi

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Were you as scared as us when Betty Parris started acting possessed? And were you shaking in your boots when the lying girls started naming townsfolk as witches? There's tons of scary stuff happening in Salem, and all of it has Susanna seriously freaked out. In fact, she's so freaked out that her fear often leaves her frozen. So this means that she doesn't always stand up and tell the truth. And sometimes she's even afraid to confide in her friends and family. But there are also some fears that come in super handy, like steering clear of Ann Putnam or being afraid to spread gossip. Over the course of A Break with Charity, Susanna has to figure out which fears she should overcome and when it's actually good to stay a scaredy cat.

Questions About Fear

  1. Are Susanna's fears legitimate? How so? Is there anything she should be afraid of but isn't?
  2. How does Susanna go from being afraid to being brave? Do you think she ever goes back to being afraid again?
  3. Who is the most courageous character in the book? And who is the most cowardly?
  4. How do Susanna's fears about her family affect her ability to be courageous?

Chew on This

It's time to overcome our fears—in A Break with Charity characters have to break down their fears in order to survive.

Stay afraid, folks—in A Break with Charity fear is a good thing and keeps the characters safe.

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