Study Guide

A Canticle for Leibowitz Chapter 30

By Walter M. Miller, Jr.

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Chapter 30

  • The last child is boarded onto the spaceship, and a monk stands in the hatch.
  • He wipes the sand from his shoes, watches the mushroom clouds in the distance, and bids the world a farewell.
  • This is not just the end of the world as he knows it, but the end of the world period.
  • The spaceship launches toward an unknown future in the heavens.
  • In the ocean, nuclear fallout kills the shrimp first, and then the fish.
  • A lone shark swims out to the old, clean currents.
  • There, he is very hungry.
  • Kind of like how we here at Shmoop always hanker for pizza after a long, fun day of making you laugh.

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