Study Guide

A Clash of Kings Chapter 10

By George R.R. Martin

Chapter 10

Arya III

  • Yoren and company are… still… traveling… north. Arya keeps waiting for the gold cloaks to attack them.
  • With little resources, they begin living off the land. To avoid running into unfriendly forces, Yoren takes them the long way around.
  • One day, Yoren returns from scouting a burned village with a little girl in his arms. Murch and Cutjack carry the mother, who dies soon after; Gendry and Cutjack dig her a grave.
  • That evening, Arya wakes up to "make water," but the thought of meeting wolves in the woods scares her back.
  • She talks with Yoren, telling him she wants to go home.
  • Yoren says it might have been safer had he left her in the city—for the first time in thirty years, he's not sure they'll make it to the Wall.