Study Guide

A Clash of Kings Chapter 15

By George R.R. Martin

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Chapter 15

Arya IV

  • Yoren and company. Traveling. North. Still. Now they're heading for a town on the God's Eye lake.
  • The travelers explore the town and find it empty, so Yoren decides they'll stay at the holdfast and use the lake to gather resources.
  • During Arya's evening watch, Hot Pie asks her where she really got her sword. She says her brother gave it to her.
  • Arya dreams of a wolf howling and wakes up in time to spot a group coming toward them.
  • The riders address the people in the holdfast, and Yoren explains they are simply men of the Night's Watch bound for the Wall.
  • The leader, Ser Amory Lorch, demands they open the gates. Yoren refuses.
  • Ser Lorch says, "That's cool. Have a nice day" and rides off. Just kidding. He considers them traitors for their act of defiance and orders the walls stormed.
  • A fierce battle ensues, filled with pyrotechnics, spectacular stunt work, and loads of blood squibs.
  • When it becomes clear the Night's Watch has lost, Yoren orders Arya to gather all she can and escape under the barn.
  • Arya gathers Gendry, Hot Pie, a wounded Lommy, and the girl.
  • On the way out, Jaqen H'ghar calls for Arya as the fires spread toward the wagon.
  • She tosses the three men an axe to free themselves and then escapes under the barn with the others.

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